The Flexible Planner©

The Planner That Finally Works For YOU!

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(This is BOTH a digital product to download immediately OR a physical product you can order!)

Get the help you need to start living your homemade simple life!

If you've always wanted to:

  • Set and achieve goals
  • Plan ahead
  • Develop new habits
  • Journal and track what you want to remember

Then The Flexible Planner© is for you!


"FLEXIBLE is indeed the correct term for Jami's planner! Having the 2 sizes on PDF gives me ability to use desired pages for needs outside the book. I love the space for making my notes and lists, as each page is not completely filled with print. The evaluation page is also a highlight. After trying many others, The Flexible Planner truly fits me! And (I can see how) it is easily adaptable for other approaches." - Carolyn

Do You Want Your Life to Look Different in a Year? 5 Years?

Stop letting life just happen and start planning! Finally find the TIME you need to do the important things.

Create a simple system that works for YOU to:

  • Help keep you on task.
  • Make sure you don't forget things.
  • Guide you (gently!) through accomplishing goals.
  • Have some space for other things you'd like to add (think journaling, lists for books, TV, projects, and more).
flexible planner pdf download pages

What Makes the Flexible Planner© Unique?

With all the adaptability of bullet-journal style planning and creativity, but without the constant re-creating of your repeated pages, The Flexible Planner© allows you to live by design instead of letting life just happen.

It's not only a time management and goal-setting guide, it's also the place that can become your "brain" for all your ideas, thoughts, questions, and things you want to remember - all in one place.

Say goodbye to sticky notes everywhere!

The pages are printed on dot grid paper so you can use your own keys to list and remember, add stickers, add blocks or specific times, or even color and create pages with the blanks in the Lists section. It's totally up to you!

flexible planner review-goals page


Write out what you want to accomplish in the next year and use them to guide your plans.

planner goals-action steps


With one page for each quarter, you can plan how to accomplish your goals throughout the year.

Flexible Planner monthly goal pages


Move the action steps to the month's goals page to break them down in even easier steps.

Flexible Planner Monthly Spread


Choose to use these pages in the traditional way or for planning your menus or your goals. Think outside the box!

Flexible Planner Weekly Spread


No wasted spaces, no areas you won't use! Add hours to columns, use as a to-do list, or separate them into blocks.

Flexible Planner Lists section pages


One place to keep all the things: notes, kids sayings, movies to watch, books read, projects, exercise log- you decide!

Jami Boys photo

Hi, I'm Jami!


Figuring out how to take more control of your time is key to living the life you want.

My goal is to help you live by your rules and create the simple homemade life of your dreams!  


Honestly, I thought the same thing, too.

If you're like me, you have a graveyard of planners (both printed and on a computer) that all lasted about 3-6 months. Maybe you thought you'd put together your own planner using free pages - until you realized you spent a ton of time that only resulted in a mish-mash that basically turned into a big to-do list.

The problem is that our individual needs and personality don't fit in all the preprinted boxes - and it is exhausting trying to make them fit. So many pages and sections just go unused.

I thought when I found the customizable Bullet Journal® system, my planner graveyard would be buried for good. But then I realized I had to create the same pages again and again. I barely had time to use a planner let alone recreate it weekly.

Wasn't there some sort of happy medium?

And that's how The Flexible Planner© was born - as a perfect combination of dot-grid bullet journalling and traditional planners.

Finally the tool that can guide you, adapt to your changing needs AND manage your time to do what you want.


  • A guiding plan for the next year - and beyond - to help you say "yes" to what you want and "no" to what would get in the way.
  • Feeling excited about each day, knowing every little step gets you closer to your goals.
  • Letting go of disappointment if the day doesn't go like you thought, since you know that the next day is a new opportunity.
  • Living a life you design with confidence instead of just reacting to everything that happens to you.

"I really love this planner and I have used a lot! It gives me so much room to write everything…from our meal plan to events…homeschool tasks and general to do stuff. I was looking at planners while shopping for school supplies and none of them really compare to what you have designed in the Flexible Planner." -Debbie

The Flexible Planner© is available in TWO FORMATS, PDF or Coil-Bound.


flexible planner pdf download pages

The Flexible Planner© Downloadable PDF Files

  • Instantly download to computer
  • Both Dated and Undated versions included
  • Both 5.5x8.5 and 8.5x11 sizes included
  • Fast Start Guide to help print and set up
  • One dated cover and two undated cover options included
  • Print at home/take to a printer
  • Add to your own binder or have bound
  • Able to move around/add pages easily
  • Bonuses: Habit Tracker & Daily Pages


Buy the PDF Files HERE 
dated flexible planners coil bound

The Flexible Planner© DATED Coil-Bound

  • Done for you professionally printed
  • All days and dates filled
  • January 2022 through December 2022
  • Monday start weekly spreads
  • Green & purple floral cover
  • Heavyweight cardstock front and back covers
  • Printed on #60 paper
  • 12 or 13 double sided dot-grid pages for Lists
  • Durable plastic lay flat spiral coil
  • Makes a great gift
  • Printed on demand, so will never run out

$25.00 (5.5x8.5)

$28.00 (8.5x11)

flexible planner undated coil covers

The Flexible Planner© UNDATED Coil-Bound

  • Done for you professionally printed
  • Undated to start any time of the year - fill in months and days
  • Monday start weekly spreads
  • Two Cover Choices-Kraft Paper or Pink with Stripes
  • Heavyweight cardstock front and back covers
  • Printed on #60 paper
  • 13 double sided pages in lists section
  • Durable black plastic lay flat spiral coil
  • Makes a great gift
  • Printed on demand so will never run out




  • 175+ pages with simple, key prompts and ideas only where you need - and plenty of space to make it your own.
  • Interior dark gray color scheme to use less ink and help any colored markers, tape, or stickers you use stand out. It's another way The Flexible Planner© can reflect YOU.
  • All the sections listed above, beginning with a Contents Key page to help keep you organized.

"I am enjoying the use of the Planner. Wish I had this a long time ago." -Carole


What month does the planner start?

The dated planners start January 2022 and go through December 2022.

The undated planners can be started any month - you fill in the months and days - for the most flexibility!

When will I get my planner?

You will be able to download the files for the PDF planner as soon as you receive the email.

For the coil-bound planner, it will be printed as soon as you order and shipped in 3-5 days.

What is your return policy?

PDF Files: As a digital product that isn't returnable, all sales are final.

Coil-Bound: As a print-on-demand product, all sales are final after shipping unless there is something wrong with the product on arrival.

However, for either version of the planner I want you to be happy with your purchase, so please contact me with any concerns or issues you may have.

"I just purchased your Flexible Planner, which I’m very excited about. After using the BUJO method for a few years now, I’m finding myself stalling out on the setup, which has lead me back to writing lists on scraps of paper instead of using my planner. I think you’ve captured what I love about bullet journals while eliminating my stumbling points and adding in some cool features." -Lauren

Ready to get started on your simple homemade life?